Today some of the Sanctuary group members went on a bus trip to the Yarra Valley. What an absolutely stunning day to go, the weather was perfect!
We started at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, so much chocolate! All 21 group members that attended were given a $10 voucher to purchase chocolate (thank you to the staff that obliged my request).
We then went to Yarra Glen and we all went in different directions, antique shop, bakery and literally sitting in the sun. Beautiful place!
Back on the bus for our last stop, Coldstream Dairy, my aunt Anna Ladner & Uncle Johns cheese factory. Anna had made amazing sandwich platters and cheese platters for lunch, tea & coffee. I was in my element because cheese is my weakness! We purchased cheese, relishes and other goodies then back on the bus to head back the scenic way. Thank you so much for opening for us Anna and the amazing lunch.
Our bus driver from Knox City Council, Gordon was absolutely fantastic and made the trip really enjoyable.
I’d like to thank Laurren Kaye from ALG Group (also our amazing secretary) for her large donation which enabled us to pay for everyone’s travel and voucher. We also had many more donate bus fares to make it no cost to our group members. There are so many and I thank you all so much for making it happen. Your generosity made for an incredible day.
I did have a very proud moment when I was sitting at the back of the bus (yes, where the naughty kids sit) and looked at everyone and their new friendships and excitement of the day ahead. If we hadn’t formed the Sanctuary, today wouldn’t have happened.
The Share Space is so much more than food and material relief. It’s friendship, community, a safe space, trust and love.
Thank you to Barbara Pollard for making sure we didn’t lose anyone. And for the lolly bags her and Judy had made.
Now to plan our next day out 💖